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Steven Baronti

Steven Baronti

Creative Lead | Senior Developer

Hi! I’m Steven, people also call me Guy. I started WWS back in 2018 and I love Cloud 9 esports and procrastinating on writing my description!

Rob Cocomello

Robert Cocomello

Creative Lead | Senior Developer

Hey, I’m Rob, a senior developer and creative lead at Weasel Warrior Studios. My love for video games comes from some of my favorite memories with friends, and I want to provide that experience to others.

I enjoy co-op and team-based games like Borderlands, Rainbow Six Siege, and Valorant. It’s no wonder I’m a quick learner and a strong team player, always working to complement my team members at WWS.

In my “free” time, I’m usually training for my next Obstacle Course Race, at the gym, in the woods, or climbing. I love exploring new places and experiences—especially if it involves food or coffee.

Anna Vanderpool


Creative Lead | Lead Artist

Heya! I’m Anna, the mastermind behind the art at Weasel Warrior Studios!

I started off in presentation design to pay the bills, but breaking into gaming? Let’s just say it’s been an adventure! Since WWS’s start in 2018, I’ve been the sole artist here, wearing more hats than I can count (seriously, I’m surprised I’m not bald!).

When I’m not battling with my Wacom tablet or massaging my arthritis rattled hands, you’ll find me theorizing about Zelda lore on my YouTube channel. I’m all about mixing gaming and concept art – it’s where I geek out with fellow recluses. Off-duty, you’ll catch me cuddled up at home with my fur babies, or devouring anything with heaps of garlic.

Bryan Mazariegos

Bryan Mazariegos

Senior Developer

Sup! I’m Bryan and I just love everyone’s work here. I’m the internal, but quiet, super fan! I’ve been working on tech from all kinds of angles for years, but what I’ve always had a strong calling for is game dev! Since WWS’s start in 2018 I’ve been a part lead programmer and tech master for any required tech solutions. When I’m not conjuring up some code you can probably still find me at my computer, reading about something techy or watching a show while I eat! I take great inspiration from Pikmin, Little Big Planet, and Zelda throughout my work and thought patterns… When I’m trying to not think, you may find me at the beach if I can make it or blasting music and drowning in the good beats and soundscapes!

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