Our Approach

About Us

We are Weasel Warrior Studios, a Brand New Indie company based out of New York. Despite this, almost everyone here lives in a different state. We came together over the internet through our mutual interests in gaming and making games.
It started with myself, Creative Director Steven Baronti, Lead Game Designer, Michael Rees, our Lead Artist Deborah Saez, and Lead Programmer, Bryan Mazariegos. Later, Hazel Marie, our Marketing Manager joined the team to assist with the release. Anna Vanderpool and Teresa Memole created many of the cosmetics for the store.
We wanted to create a really amazing game, that we think everyone out there will love as much as we do. We plan on putting a lot of time and effort continuing to create content for Magic Match going into the future.

Our Story

Meet the Team


Steven Baronti

I’m Steven Baronti, and I’m a recent college graduate from SUNY Purchase with a degree in Computer Science/Mathematics. I have been playing games since I was 5, and always dreamed of make them. I realized I didn’t have to wait till after college to pursue my dream, so I came up with a game design, and scoured the internet for anyone who believed in me and might want to work with me.


Deborah Saez

Hi, my name is Deborah Saez. I have been a freelance game artist and animator for 7 years. I am a PlayStation fan girl that loves all kinds of single player games. I also love to read, hike and learn about microbiology and astronomy. Working with indie companies is always an amazing experience as it constantly helps me grow as an artist!

Bryan Mazariegos

I’m Bryan Mazariegos. I’ve dabbled in programming since I was 12. Sandbox style games were a direct inspiration for my pursuit of a game development career. I love working on projects and watching them reach full maturity. I play a few games, I’m a Jinx main in League of Legends and I love many of the games on the Nintendo Switch. Can’t wait to develop for it :3 Tech Geek to the very core!


Teresa Memole

Hi, I’m Teresa Memole. I graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a degree in Computer Art and a minor in Dance. As someone who loves gaming, especially RPGs, I hope to create conceptual art for game design in the future. It was an honor to be invited to work on Magic Match with such an amazing team of people.


Anna Vanderpool

I'm Anna Vanderpool. I have just graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a degree in Computer Art and Computer Science. I've always loved being a part of big projects like this, especially when it involves making video games. I enjoy doing all different kinds of art, so being a part of a small team where I get to do a bit of everything was perfect.


Hazel Noe

Hazel Noe is an intuitive internet marketer with a passion for design and detail. She helps make concepts come to life with both her online and offline skills. She also enjoys gaming every chance she gets during her downtime.

Michael Rees

Hi, I’m Michael Rees. I’ve been a hardcore gamer my whole life, playing pretty much every genre of games out there. I met Steven over an online match of Supreme Commander 2, and we’ve played games ever since. Talking about game design quickly became our most popular discussion topic, so when he proposed we make our own game, I jumped on board immediately. It has been amazing to see this game go from concept to reality.