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Exploring an uncharted rainforest, you stumble upon an old and ruined temple. Inside you find something you never expected. A ancient well, overflowing with magical power. This was no ordinary well, but perhaps one of the first magic wells ever created, abandoned by time. As you stare deep into the magical abyss you notice something wrong! A dark energy, swirling deep in core of the well, growing in strength. You must defend this ancient well of power, and prevent it’s corruption!

Dive into the magical liquid, and join the fight in this puzzle game!

-Destroy corrupt runes, and level up power runes, defeating the enemy! Get your light runes all the way to level 10 they overpowered and explode! Destroying all the corrupt runes on the field!

-Fully customizable profile page where you can change your wallpaper, and decorate your page with your achievements.

-Show off your stats by adding your friends. Everyone will be able to check out your awesome profile!

-Adding 3 new players to your friend list unlocks a Rare loot box. You can unlock more boxes by through our Daily Rewards

-All content of the game can be purchased with in game currency. However, you can still spend real money if you want to get the cool cosmetics quicker!

-Customization doesn’t end there. You can unlock Themes and Runes that change how the game looks! Even new soundtracks as well, making sure your adventure is unique to you!

-If you’re one of the first 5,000 people to download the game, you will also receive an exclusive Founders Badge!


Made By Steven Baronti, Deborah Saez, Bryan Mazariegos, Anna Vanderpool, Teresa Memole, Hazel Noe and Michael Rees. The incredible team at Weasel Warrior Studios!


We are Weasel Warrior Studios, a Brand New Indie company based out of New York. We have a passion for gaming, that we want to share with others.


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Our Main Message

Making this game has been an incredible journey for all of us here at Weasel Warrior Studios. Magic Match is the first game we have ever created, and being able to finally show it to the world is a humbling experience. What started as a simple idea of a puzzle game, has evolved into a fully fleshed out, real game. It’s almost surreal to think that just a few years ago, some of us were still in school, and most of us still are! This game would never have existed without the dedication, commitment, and faith of some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. People with passions to make something the best it can be.

Magic Match was developed and marketed with a small budget. This shows that you don’t need huge budgets to make games. If you love playing video games, and dream of one day making them, then stop dreaming, and start working. Come up with the best idea you can, and teach yourself programming, or art, or sound design. Find people and show them your ideas. Your passion and belief in yourself may just inspire others to join you, and together you can create something you never thought you could.

Our message to all of you would be: Each and every one of us is capable of making our dreams a reality. All it takes is an idea, perseverance, hard work, and most of all, great friends.

Since 1993


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  • Magic Match is out now!
    Magic Match is now available to download FREE on iOS and Android! Look for us in the apple app store by searching Magic Match Game or “Magic Match” on the google play store. Or, just download the links here:     Let us know what you think about our new game. Please rate and review it on the app store! [...]
  • The New and Improved Beta is here!
    Finally the Magic Match Beta is here for IOS AND Android! Sign up now and and get EXCLUSIVE boy and girl beta badges! These original badges can be displayed on your profile so that everyone will know you are one of the few original beta! SIGN UP HERE We here at Weasel Warrior Studios would love your feedback on the new beta, comment down below on what you think about the beta and the new badges. [...]
  • Profile Wallpapers Available Now
    Spice up your profile with wallpapers! Your profile isn’t just for bragging about your highest score. It’s also for showing off your style! Do you love asian art? Especially when it has awesome Dragons in it? Try the new Duel Dragons Wallpaper! If you would rather a cuddly furry companion as your background, you’ll love the new Kitty Cat Wallpaper. Or maybe your would just [...]
  • New Soundtracks Coming to Magic Match
    Get down with some new tunes! The original soundtrack is great and everything, but who doesn’t love new music? Mix and match the nostalgic tunes of the 8 Bit soundtrack, or get a little moody with the Sinister Temple soundtrack. These songs were made to be customized to you! Its what you like, when you like. Magic Match them with the customizable themes for a full emersion! The Mystic [...]
  • New Themes Coming to Magic Match!
    New themes are coming to Magic Match! Dive into the fantastical deep blue well of Mystic Forest! This magical new forest is full of life, adorned in beautiful white flowers and fireflies. This theme will be available upon release, being the very first rare theme. It will be available in the market for 35,000 gems. Better start saving up! If retro is more your style, you’ll love the new 8 [...]