New Soundtracks Coming to Magic Match


Get down with some new tunes!

The original soundtrack is great and everything, but who doesn't love new music? Mix and match the nostalgic tunes of the 8 Bit soundtrack, or get a little moody with the Sinister Temple soundtrack. These songs were made to be customized to you! Its what you like, when you like.

Magic Match them with the customizable themes for a full emersion! The Mystic Forest's exotic theme wouldn't be complete without the supernatural soundtrack of Mystical Forest.

- The 8 Bit soundtrack will be available in the market as a common item for 5,000 gems.

- The Mystic Forest soundtrack will be available in the market as a rare item for 10,000 gems.

- The Sinister Temple soundtrack will be available in the market as a legendary item for 15,000 gems.

How will you play?

60 thoughts on “New Soundtracks Coming to Magic Match

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